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Here you will find quotes of all sorts,pictures I have taken, pictures I wish I had taken, random thoughts, current annoyances, & occasional curse words. Also, I talk about my niece A LOT.

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Things I Like (+)

So here I am, sitting on the couch upstairs, alone while watching Dexter.  (I have been forbidden to attempt the 18 step descension into the basement, where I live, until at least tomorrow.)  I’m thirsty but keep putting off having to get up and get something to drink because I hate these damn crutches.  I finally give him and hop my way into the kitchen and then realize I forgot my glass on the end table.  I get another glass and then, after a few complications, manage to pour myself something to drink without spilling it.

That’s when it hits me.  How the fuck am I going to get my glass back into the living room with me?  My hands/arms are all tied up with the damn crutches!  I tried to grip the top of the glass with my neck but trust me, that DID NOT work.  By this point, my left leg is getting tired so I chug the drink, use my crutch to flip the light off, and hobble back into the living room before collapsing on the couch.  

Guess what happens next?

I have to pee.


(joking… but really.  Can’t I catch a break?!)